In the current scenario when there’s an increase in the online population, online paid advertising has become more important for businesses online. And when it comes to paid advertising, undoubtedly the two major players are – Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

As an online business, how do you decide which one to choose? What is better – Facebook Ads or Google Ads? As a digital marketer I come across this question quite often.

Well, when it comes to delivering results in online advertising, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads dominate the industry. However, for some businesses Google Ads work better, for some Facebook Ads and for some a mix of both.

How are they different? Let’s discuss.

Google Ads: For the purpose of this post, here am talking about Search Engine Ads

Google Ads or PPC ads are a form of inbound advertising as users are looking for you instead of you searching for users. Google Ads appear when a user is searching for a particular product, service using a keyword. These searches are generally pretty specific and the user intent is very clear. So, though you will not have detailed information about your audience, you’ll have info about their search keywords and hence, you needn’t worry much about their demographics and interests.

A proper keyword research would help you understand the user requirements and you can then choose to show your ads to people searching for those specific keywords.In this case anyone looking for those keywords is a potential customer. Simply put, people doing a search on Google are looking for a solution to their problem and we show them our ads that give them that solution.

Google Ads have a high CTR, a high cost per lead but higher quality leads. With Google Ads, you should focus on your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and not on the cost per click or cost per lead.According to Google, advertisers on their platform make $2 for every $1 spent.
Who does it work for? Almost any brand!

When it comes to driving traffic with the intent to convert, Google Ads are the best option.

Facebook Ads:

The dynamics of Facebook ads are a bit different. Facebook being a social network, it’s users log into catch up with their friends, check out interesting topics, look for content related to their hobbies and so on. They are not proactively looking for a solution to a problem or a product or service. They login to consume content inside the platform.

Since Facebook has a lot of information about its users- like their age, gender, hobbies, interests, marital status, demographics, location etc., we can define our target audience and show our ads specifically to them. The better we define our audience, the more our chances of conversions.

For example, if I am running a fitness program for women after 40, I can define my audience based on their gender, age, interests and reach out to them. My audience would be: women, age-40 & above, interested in fitness and weight loss etc. By targeting my audience, I can show my ads only to the people who are most likely to be interested in my program instead of showing it to everyone on Facebook. You can also create custom audiences, lookalike audiences that increase the likelihood of conversions. Facebook Ads are outbound advertising as you are reaching out to people instead of the other way round.

With proper targeting, you can get clicks and conversions at a very low cost.

Facebook Ads are great if you want to create brand awareness, generate leads, drive traffic to your blog/website, increase video views etc.

So, coming back to my first question – Which one is better? The answer depends on your campaign budget and objective. What is your end goal?

If you are looking for sales, then both the platforms would work. If you want to sell your products directly, then probably Google Ads would be the best fit. And if you are looking to create brand awareness, increase your social media following, then Facebook would be the best fit.

Decide on your objective and move with the best fit for your business.